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About Reflexology . working on feet

About Reflexology.


Reflexology has been used for thousands of years, across the world by many ancient civilisations and reported to have profound health benefits.

All the organs and systems of the body are believed to have thousands of nerve connections in the feet and hands.
These are the corresponding reflex points.
Reflexology involves observing the textures of each area and then using specific massage techniques into those reflex points, to release tension, improve the circulation and support the inner healing process.

Our bodies are constantly working to maintain equilibrium and health, sending chemical messages, producing new cells and removing waste products.
If this process is limited by a demanding lifestyle, trauma or inherited weaknesses, dis-ease could develop.

We are beginning to develop Reflexology research projects and scientific technology to produce the evidence that explains how it all works.

But for now, the feedback from clients is that they experience improvements with their initial problems and then also continue to feel better in many other ways too.
Often inspired to make positive changes in their daily lives that previously they could not have imagined. I believe these are all signs that people can enjoy a wide range of significant benefits.

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