Sarah Hewlett Reflexology in Exeter

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect on the First Reflexology Treatment

I will ask you about your medical history, take your blood pressure and listen to how you are feeling.

Then I make sure you are comfortable lying on the couch and covered with a blanket. I wash your feet to prepare for the treatment.
I start by getting you to focus on your breathing and letting the tension release on the out breath.

I use warming massage to begin, then thumb pressure more firmly into the reflex points.
Most people drift in and out of deep relaxation, aware of the treatment and sense of peace.
At the end of the treatment, I give you time to wake up and have a glass of water.

After a treatment you may feel chilly and very relaxed so it's wise to be gentle with yourself.
It's also good to keep warm, drink plenty of water and plan to have a quiet time.

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