Sarah Hewlett Reflexology in Exeter

Clinics are opening again on 12th April!

Just waiting for new Clinic Treatment Guidelines when we reopen...
We will continue the strict hygiene and safe practice regulations, to help protect and keep us all well.
So that you can relax and enjoy your treatment, knowing you are in an environment that is thoroughly cleaned and safe distancing is followed.

I hope these procedures will feel normal and we can focus on your treatment.
Following the current Government and AOR guidelines, this is what to expect when you want to book your Reflexology appointment:

Making an Appointment:
Please contact me for an appointment, providing you do not have any symptoms of Covid-19
or any other infections in the last 10 days…
1. A recent onset of a new continuous cough?
2. A high temperature?
3. Have noticed a loss or change with your sense of taste or smell?
4. Have noticed any rashes, bumps, colour changes on your skin, particularly feet?
5. Live with anyone who is symptomatic or self isolating?
6. Had any recent foreign travel or spent time with others who have?

If you are symptom free:

  • I will email you a Risk Assessment form to read and call you the day before your booking, to talk it through.
  • Then either confirm your appointment, rearrange or discuss the best options for you, at this time.
  • Organise online or contactless payment.

    Your Appointment:
  • Please arrive promptly at your appointment time, as there will be no waiting area.
  • Please wear a face covering, mask or 3 layered scarf.
  • Please bring your own water and light blanket.

    On arrival, I will check that nothing has changed.
    Ask you to wash your hands.
    Then, its time for you to enjoy your Reflexology Treatment… the calming, the cherishing and all the other benefits!

    Cleaning and Hygiene procedure.
  • I will ensure extra time between appointments to write up notes, clean the couch, all surfaces, door handles, ventilate the room and prepare for the next client.
  • The couch, pillows, chairs, lotion bottles, are all wipeable.
  • I will wear a mask, plastic apron, wash hands before and after cleaning and each client.
  • Double bag rubbish.
  • Uniform will be changed regularly and will be laundered according to government guidelines.

    These guidelines are subject to Government changes.

    During this time, I will continue to offer online guided treatments, using WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or Messenger.
    It's proving to be a great way to connect, keeping the continuity of your treatments, the chance to learn some new self care tools and have a good chat and giggle, like we normally do.

    I work with you, demonstrating on my hands or feet, working into the reflex points so that you can follow. Also guide you through a relaxation sequence to finish... so have a pillow handy!
    If you like the sound of this, just give me a call and we can book it in, all in the comfort of your own home, no masks required!!
    You can even have a cup of tea and relax straight after it..
    We can do 30mins for £15 or longer pro rata, what ever suits you best.

    The feedback so far has been good.

    "now I can see your feet too!!!"
    "surprisingly relaxing"
    "my arm feels so much looser"
    "will put music on next time"
    " great to connect with you and talk. Feel so much better and look forward to our next online apt. I'm amazed how well it works! Thank you so much"

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